Manufacturing Engineer

AJA Video Systems, Inc.
Grass Valley, California

Manufacturing Engineer

The manufacturing engineer is an expert in developing and implementing optimal manufacturing and/or electronic test processes.  This position provides manufacturing process and engineering support to manufacturing and test areas, and to a lesser extent the purchasing department.  This position interfaces directly with design engineering on new products in reviewing and making DFM recommendations, as well as coordinating release to manufacturing.  The manufacturing engineer makes recommendations for tooling and process requirements of new and existing product lines, internally and to our contract manufacturers, with the intention of improving quality, reducing costs, or both.

Required Skills and Background:

  • Directs transition of new products into manufacturing, and monitors quality of existing products
  • Monitors and researches new component and process technologies and specifies or designs tooling and/or assembly techniques for the production floor and our contract manufacturers to maintain product quality and manufacturing efficiency.
  • Review new PCB gerber files for DFM , based on IPC standards, and provide feedback to the design engineer.
  • Generates and implements process documentation that is consistent with and maintains all compliance certifications.
  • Specifies and procures new equipment as required to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency.
  • Researches, and communicates best practices (DFM) to engineering to improve product cost and quality. 
  • Supports design and engineering activities by providing guidance during new product design related to manufacturability and testability.
  • Work with Manufacturing Engineering team to review Engineering Change Notices.
  • Participate in the discrepant material review.
  • Conducts process development and process improvement activities.
  • Trains and directs operators and quality control personnel on existing and new products as required.
  • Supports, as required, all aspects of the production process flow from NPI to end of life.
  • Generates failure analysis to determine root cause and determine severity of problem. Create corrective and preventive processes to determine a containment plan.  Determine mitigating factors to direct corrective actions for all parts and product.
  • Works with purchasing to support new supplier and contract manufacturer development.
  • Works with purchasing in monitoring contract manufacturing costs and makes recommendations to design engineering and to the CM’s to improve efficiency and lower production costs on new and existing products.
  • Makes periodic inspections of contract manufacturer facilities and works with purchasing to communicate recommended improvements.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in a related field
  • Minimum 8-10 years experience as a Manufacturing Engineer




Desired Skills:

·         Consistently demonstrates conscientiousness related to quality of work, by performing work assignments with an acute attention to detail, precision, accuracy, thoroughness, and orderliness.

·         Communicates both verbally and in writing in such a manner that it is easy to understand and interpret what and why information is being communicated.  Listens attentively without interrupting and/or being distracted by other things.

·         Utilizes communication techniques and methods that generate trust, collaboration, open two-way communication and a supportive work environment. 

·         Excel capabilities including the use of power query and pivot table, complying details from multiple databases to create comprehensive reports.

·         Develops and generates team momentum, enthusiasm and camaraderie to obtain maximum team performance.

·         Uses organizational and planning methods to develop and maintain schedules and maximize human or equipment resource productivity and quality.

·         Displays strong personal initiative and motivation to achieve desired performance results.

·         Spends time and energy to learn new approaches, tools, and methodologies to stay abreast and move ahead in position/field.

·         When faced with individual or multi-faceted problems, consistently identifies and evaluates alternatives, risks, and consequences prior to making decisions.

·         Represent the Company with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

·         Adhere to Company policies and support management decisions and goals in a positive, professional manner.


This is a full-time position with competitive pay and benefits. The base salary for this position is $74,135-101,936. This range reflects base salary only, and does not include additional compensation or benefits. Individual base pay is determined by various factors such as relevant experience, education, training and skills, and the scope and responsibilities of the position.