Creative Technologist

University of Michigan - Center for Academic Innovation
Ann Arbor, MI

The Center for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan, in collaboration with the Office of Digital Education at the Ross School of Business, is seeking a Creative Technologist to support our Extended Reality (XR) studios. This position will support innovation and enhancement of the digital learning experience through cutting-edge technology and creative solutions. As a Creative Technologist, your role expands beyond mere technology application to a blend of technical and creative support crucial for the development and success of our XR studios. You will be responsible for supporting the creative infrastructure for one XR studio at the Center for Academic Innovation and two XR studios at the Ross School of Business. Your time will be balanced between the two programs evenly. You will be instrumental in developing shared processes and best practices to elevate both programs to deploy a robust and scalable infrastructure to meet the needs of both programs.

  • Develop and implement technology solutions for digital innovation projects, focusing on XR technologies 
  • Collaborate with internal departments and clients to design creative technical solutions, developing intuitive, effective, and user-friendly digital experiences 
  • Demonstrate prototypes and consult on the design of intuitive, effective, and user-friendly digital experiences 
  • Maintain and enhance expertise in various technologies, including broadcast cameras, color science, real-time render engines, and media asset management tools. 
  • Support the XR studio for the Center for Academic Innovation, as well as the two XR studios at the Ross School of Business 
  • Oversee the technological framework that supports both synchronous and asynchronous digital productions 
  • Bridging the gap between creative ambitions and technical possibilities, enabling groundbreaking digital storytelling and educational content delivery.
  • Innovating within Extended Reality (XR) spaces, crafting solutions for immersive digital experiences, and ensuring seamless integration of technology in the production processes